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EMA Impact Brief: Accretive Delivers Unified Analytics Across Business and IT Interdependencies for a Major European Bank

Accretive Delivers Unified Analytics Across Business and IT Inter- EMA Impact Briefdependencies for a Major European Bank
Enterprise Management Associates
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Noted Industry Analyst Reviews Accretive X-Act Platform

by Dennis Drogseth, EMA VP

EXCERPT: “With unified modeling and analytics across both business and IT, Accretive can tell you where problems exist, where they are likely to materialize in the future and how planned changes on all fronts may affect outcomes.”

ABSTRACT: Accretive Technologies’ X-Act Technology and Management Framework is designed to step beyond traditional approaches to BI and Big Data with a well-defined vision of the more dynamic linkages between IT services and business outcomes. Accretive modeling, emulation and predictive technologies allow for the discovery of unknowns, with support for “what if ”analysis directed at IT and business planning. The X-Act Platform maps infrastructure and application architectures and IT service performance interdependencies to critical business systems, such as an in-house payment system or customer-facing credit-approval system.

ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) analysts spoke to an Accretive deployment in Europe on February 21, 2013, just after Accretive’s ten-year anniversary. EMA requested the discussion to better understand how Accretive’s X-Act Platform works, and how it can bring value when faced with the many vagaries of real-world IT application, infrastructure and business dynamics. The discussion is summarized in this EMA Impact Brief.

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