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Mathematical Approach Delivers Value Beyond Ordinary Analytics.

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X-Act gives businesses the foresight they need to control risk and improve performance. Learn how...

Most analytics use past behavior patterns to infer what might happen in the future. These methods can be useful when outcomes continuously follow previously encountered patterns. But today, new patterns are appearing at an accelerating rate due to the growing complexity of business.

Accretive is reinventing analytics to better meet the needs of modern enterprises. The X-Act® Technology Framework combines state-of-the-art predictive analytics, machine learning and automation to monitor the health of systems, anticipate performance threats and suggest right-time preventative actions.

Accurate Prediction of Known and New Patterns

Built on 15 patented technologies and methodologies resulting from over 20 years of academic and commercial research and development, the X-Act Technology Framework uses advanced methods of mathematical analytics—like those trusted in manufacturing and space exploration—to reliably predict new and dangerous patterns of behavior that other predictive or big data analytics tools often miss because of their dependence on historical data.

Behavior Learning Engine

X-Act Predictive Analytics Behavior Learning Engine

Combining patented algorithms, machine learning and automation, the X-Act Technology Framework automatically performs root cause analysis and suggest appropriate corrective actions for both pre-defined and previously unknown problems. Overtime, the behavior learning engine organically evolves to cover new and increasingly complex scenarios so the business value increases as the time to solution and dependence on user intervention decreases.

Over 10,000 Pre-Built Models and Assets

A software library containing over 10,000 pre-built models and assets shortens the start-up phase and ensures time-to-value is achieved within days of deployment. Even users with no previous modeling experience can easily use the libraries to build a representative model of all business and technology layers.

Automated Data Collection

X-Act Unified Collector Framework

The X-Act Unified Collector Framework (UCF) automates the collection of important business and operational metrics including time series metrics as well as server, network, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and business meta-data. The X-Act UCF retrieves data from published API’s, data stores and flat files to populate the X-Act Extended Knowledge Vault, which can then be queried to build models and enable real-time surveillance by the X-Act OBC Platform.

Out-of-the-box we provide collection scripts for SMF, UNIX and Windows as well as solution providers such as AppFirst, IBM, CA, BMC and Compuware. Additionally eSurveys are provided to automate the collection of strategic business data from key stakeholders. The framework is easily extended to support new content sources using a thin access layer as required to meet the demands of unique business or IT environments.